My Next Tweet. And They Make About as Much Sense as My Actual Tweets.

So here's a fun website, if you're already on the Twitter:
That Can Be My Next Tweet

It's a random Tweet generator where you plug in your Twitter name, and it combines and pulls from all of your tweets to come up with something new.  And strange.  Check some of mine out, and I know you'll wonder why you aren't following me on the Twitter.  If you aren't already.....

I'm sure we all remember my run in with cat VD.

No one should trash their former conjoined boob.  Ever.  Boobs, conjoined or not, must always support one another.

Clearly, my feline chlamydia infested eyeball was an important tweet topic for me.

Dammit, I try and every time I do I end up bald and doing you on sugar and paypal.

UM, when *isn't* sharing pants a bonus??

Seriously  If you're gonna market yourself as cherry mixed fruit, there'd better be some motherfucking cherries in there!!

It is true.  I believe either Buddha or Gandhi said it best.  Cat VD takes no prisoners.

 My curtains happen to scream "Ewww!"  What do yours scream?

I'm not exactly sure, but I'm gonna go ahead and agree that James Spader is probably a rich jerk.  And who wouldn't want a vat of snuggies? 

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