Blogger "Face Off" Round 8. FINAL ROUND PEOPLE!

 Well here it is, the final edition of my pseudo competition, Blogger Face Off.
So, so sad, but all good things must come to an end, right?
Enjoy these final answers, because they are the finale.  And stay tuned for the post about the upcoming awesome giveaway at the end of this week!!!

Today's not-really-competitors are:

Andrea at Bitchypants

VS..... I realized that I didn't have an even number of bloggers so I did what I had to do.  I enlisted my Hubby.  Thanks Hubby!
Looks *just* like him. 

Enjoy!  I did make some "minor" commentary throughout his answers.  Because I can't let him have the final say.  Ever.

Blogger A
Blogger B

Andrea at Bitchypants, formerly at Being Veruca.

The Hubby
Name? (real or assumed)
Hmmm.” Andi”, “Andrea”, “Mom”,” Mama”, “Mommy”, “Pumpkin Tits” (Husband watches too many movies). At work: “Hey, Respiratory”
He left this blank, so I’m
claiming creative license….
Hubby, Hubster, Ball n Chain, 
“lack of options”, “Mr. 
Snores a lot” 
“My babies’ daddy”
How did you come up with your blog’s name?
Because I am supremely bitchy, and I wear the pants.
He doesn’t blog, but if he
did, it wouldn’t be as cool 
as mine, so the title would 
probably be, “My Wife’s 
Blog is Better.”
How long have you been blogging?
A couple of years.
It started here:

Link to your very first post:
Can my first blog’s URL count, because I’m lazy. If so, see above.

Do you have a motto?  If so, what is it?
“I want it all, and I want it now.”
Fight the good fight
Team Edward or Jacob?

How about Team I-don’t-have-time-for-that-crap-I-have-shit-to-do?
Neither.  Seriously, these
guys need to move on. 
She’s not that hot and they
can find better

Corey Haim or Cory Feldman?
OMG Corey Haim stole my heart in License to Drive. I always thought Feldman was ugly.
Who?  Wait, let me Google
this.  Hmmm.
Still not interested.
How much do you love Captain Crunch?
It’s a’ight. I’m more of a Fruity Pebbles kind of girl.
Very much, but if he was in
a battle with the lucky charms
guy, he would find himself back
on the shelf.
Would you rather compete in a hot dog eating contest or a pie eating contest?
? Okay, first of all, hot dogs are gross. If one were to consume butt cheek in tubular, phallic shapes, that is what I imagine they taste like. So I’m going with pie. Chocolate, please. Or coconut cream. Or maybe peanut butter.
Pie, Strawberry and Apple…
or French Silk.
Favorite swear word:
Fuck (sorry!) Used in a sentence: Fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck.
How do you like your eggs?
Highly Unfertilized.
Who would you rather see do naked jumping jacks:  Jack Nicholson or Aretha Franklin?
Really? Neither. Saggy boobs and saggy balls are equally disgusting in my book.
This is very disturbing. 
Back to Google. 
 Aretha in 1967.

Didn't know you solved that 
whole time travel thing Hubby.
What’s more evil: Possums or Satan?
Possums. Have you seen their little feet? Like midget baby human hands on a furry body. There is no way that came from this world.
Not entirely certain, Possums
seem to want to die under my
deck while Satan could have
put the dead Possum there. 
So Satan, I guess.
Should jelly shoes make a real comeback?
Only if I can have back my  piles of jelly bracelets to go along. And my Guess overalls. Oh, and my Swatch watch.
In your opinion, what is our most pressing concern as a society today?
I have no fricken clue. Maybe we need to form an intervention to save that damned Keyboard Cat from the person who is torturing him?
Unemployment and the price
of fuel.
If avoiding laundry was a sport, how would you place: gold, silver, or bronze?
I get the gold. Laundry is the man’s job in this house.
Gold.. No doubt.
If you were royalty, what would your official title be?
Oh that’s an easy one. Her Royal Highness, the Queen Bitch
Big ass pimp king
Please write the first word(s) that comes to your mind for each of these:
Erectile dysfunction
Taco Bell
Miley Cyrus
Sporks- pseudo-flatware
Erectile dysfunction- shriveled
Taco Bell- Beef Supreme
Zombies- Ate My Babaaaaaaay! Oh wait, that’s dingos-dingos ate my babaaaaay. Shit. Oops.
Wine- Cheese
Dandruff- Black Turtleneck (Thanks, Head and Shoulders commercials!)
Smurfs -Dildo.
Yeah, there may be an explanation  required for that. A friend bought me a giant bright blue dong as a gag gift for my wedding. My husband named it Papa Smurf. It’s in a box somewhere, unused (I swear!).
Miley Cyrus- Omg slut-whore
That weird utensil that you find at some weird 4th of July family function.
Erectile dysfunction- Poor bastards.
Taco Bell- Good shit
Zombies- Suck ass. 
We have the pick axe ready to go.
I like you on occasion,
but not as much as Templeton.
Dandruff- White and flaky
Smurfs- 100 men and 1 girl…
Miley Cyrus- Interesting
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, how much do you love my blog?
10. A Mutha-farkin’ TEN!
10.  (hold on mister, that’s it?  
 A fucking 10?  Niiiice.  
 You clearly don’t want any.)
Any final words?
I’m going to sleep now
I must say that these are
typical questions coming
from the wife.  Her take on 
life is perplexing to say the 
least, however you can 
depend on me to keep her 
(a. my take on life is 
AHMAZING, not perplexing. 
b.  you don't keep me grounded.  
You keep my eyes rolling. a lot.)

Thanks Andrea, Hubby, and all my wonderful bloggy friends who participated in my blogger face off!!

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