Blogger "Face Off" Round 4

I haven't blogged in about a week, which is probably the longest I've gone since I started writing.  So sad.
But I'm back, and not only am I just plain ole, boring me back, I'm back with the next round of the pseudo-competition I've named Blogger Face Off!

My bloggers today are the amazing:
VS the awesome:

Blogger A
Blogger B

Name? (real or assumed)
E. Kirby Carespodi (This is my real name.  Because if I was going to make one up, it would be way cooler.  Like JoMama Paradisio)
How did you come up with your blog’s name?
I once told someone that fifty was the new thirteen, and it caught on with about four of my friends.  At least they tell me they’re my friends.
I’m not all that creative when
 it comes to titles—so it’s Italian
 for “the house of Frigerio”.
You may have guessed, but the husband is Italian-American.
Feel free to now mock me for
most boring blog title ever. I
don’t care if you do.
My husband can cook
How long have you been blogging?
Six years
Oh, going on one and a half
years… I still consider myself
 a naïve newbie
Link to your very first post:
My very first post was on Xanga, which I no longer have an account for.  In case you weren’t aware, I was ambushed by anorexics on Xanga, which is why I had to leave.  Those gals have no sense of humor.  Here, have a thin mint.  You’ll feel better.

Do you have a motto?  If so, what is it?
Hmmm…not one I can use in mixed company.
A motto? Am I supposed to
 have one of those? Gah!
I told you I am naïve! I wish
there was a handbook or
Team Edward or Jacob?

Jacob sans shirt.  Who is younger than both my children, which makes it especially disturbing.
I’m going to take a lot of flak
 for this one, but I am team
Jacob all the way. First, I am
always cold, so being around
 a cold vampire—not a good
idea. I need someone who is
warmer than me to snuggle
up against. Second, I like my
guys tall and dark—Edward
 is neither. Third, I think we
 all like a guy who is willing
to chase after us a bit—which
 Jacob accomplished in the
non-creepy,  not a stalker way. Edward—he disappeared in
 book two. Blech. Plus, I find
 being alive (or undead) forever
 to be really gross. Now I must
 stop before I become sad about
 the fact that I know way too
much about the young adult
 fiction genre.

Corey Haim or Cory Feldman?
Ah, the question for the ages.  Since I tend to be older than most folks reading your blog, I’d have to say Patrick Swayze.
Corey Feldman, mainly because
 he’s the one who is not dead.
 So, with that answer, I bet you
 can guess how committed I
wasn’t to either of them.
How much do you love Captain Crunch?
I am quite enamored with the original, but I was pretty pissed when they started adding $hit like crunchberries and whatnot.  I want my Captain Crunch naked.
On a scale of one to ten, I’m
right in the middle with a six.
 The only reason I’m so
ambivalent about Captain
Crunch cereal is my mom
 loves it and was not afraid
 to feed me sugary cereal in
 the morning.  So, I think I
may have had my lifetime
allotment of the cereal.
Wait. I just Googled this,
and found out that they
wanted to retire the Captain!
What? Oh, I don’t like that
 at all! Ten! I give it a ten!

Would you rather compete in a hot dog eating contest or a pie eating contest?
Depends on the rules.
Hot dogs sound good-
when I first considered it,
just because there are a lot
 of pies I don’t like. Then,
 I started thinking about
how many pies I do like,
and I realized that hot dogs
 would get boring really quick,
and there is a remote chance
 that they will allow you to
change up your pies, or maybe
 even pick your pies in order of preference. I’m going with pies.
 Unless they’re peach pies.
Which I cannot stand. But,
usually peach pies are considered cobblers. Do cobblers count?
Because I hate cobblers.
Dang it, I’m going back to hot
Favorite swear word:
Motherf*ck!ng $hit.  Which is probably also my motto.
Oh, I am embarrassed to
say it! My favorite swear
word is fuckface. Having
children around requires me to whisper it.
This swear—I promise—my
mother-in-law coined. She
was the first person I heard
say it, ever; she said it years
before anyone else, and while
 I cannot even venture a guess
 as to why it finally caught
on, she is the originator…
How do you like your eggs?
Like I like my men—over easy.
Scrambled with cheese! I
actually love eggs, and
neither of my kids do, so if
 my husband wants to surprise
 me with something specia
l for Sunday brunch,
he will make us our own
 breakfast with eggs!
Who would you rather see do naked jumping jacks:  Jack Nicholson or Aretha Franklin?
Oh, hell to the no!
Aretha. First, I like her more.
 Second, I like Jack less.
 I can envision him now—
naked, jumping jacks, and
that creepy face he would
 make in The Shining. Now
I think I’m going to have
What’s more evil: Possums or Satan?
Well, possums will come up on your porch and get into the cat food, and Satan won’t.  You decide.
Possums. Granted, I’ve never
 gone head to head with Satan
 (nor do I care to) but I’ve gone
 head to head TWICE with
possums. I hate those creeping, hissing, needle-toothed,
icky-tailed monsters!
Should jelly shoes make a real comeback?
I’d rather see shoulder pads the size of pizza trays, myself.  Or macramé.  Whatever happened to macramé? 
Only in girls under the
age of 15. Otherwise, they
 kill your feet. The only reason
 I can come up with for not
feeling the pain of the jellies
 when I was a child was the
 fact that I was a child.
In your opinion, what is our most pressing concern as a society today?
How I can look twenty years younger without plastic surgery. 
Warning: I’m a bleeding
heart. I believe in a wide
variety of social programs.
 I think the most pressing
concern in our society today
 is the fact is that so few of
our citizens can actualize the American Dream as we see it,
and there are other individuals
 who blame their inability to accomplish this feat on them.
I have no sympathy for someone
 who decries ‘welfare moms’,
 the homeless, the mentally ill,
or any other group that has
 been blamed for their own marginalization. I worked with
 many of these groups in a
past life, and the circumstances
 some of these people live
through, the obstacles that
 they’ve been forced to
overcome… and all because
 of the “pull yourself up by the bootstraps’ or Puritan work
ethic mentality? Sheesh.
Those opinions are SO
seventeenth century! Let’s
 have a real, honest conversation about what a human being
 should be entitled to,
instead of blaming them
when they get sick or need help…
And I’m sure someone out
 there abuses the system, but
 I never came across them
while I was in that arena.
Okay, getting off the soapbox
If avoiding laundry was a sport, how would you place: gold, silver, or bronze?
Actually, now that my kids have left the house, I no longer have to avoid laundry.  It doesn’t smell nearly as bad.
Gold, baby, gold! I avoid the
laundry like a pro, AND I’ve
wrangled my children into
 doing it for me to top it all off!
If you were royalty, what would your official title be?
Queen Moth@rf*c%er  of Brandywine. (Brandywine is my house.  Yes, my house has a name.  It’s a little embarrassing, but there you have it.)
As a child I always wanted
 to be a countess. All the fun
of living in the castle, none
of the drama of being a
simpering princess or the
work of being queen!
Please write the first word(s) that comes to your mind for each of these:
Erectile dysfunction
Taco Bell
Miley Cyrus
Sporks:  Foons
Erectile dysfunction:     Yay!
Taco Bell: Commode
Zombies: Yay!
Wine: Double Yay!
Dandruff: Why I keep my hair short.  And blonde.
Smurfs: Why is there only one girl? 
Miley Cyrus: Thank you Jesus, that I don’t own any preteens!
Sporks: Taco Bell
Erectile dysfunction:
Taco Bell: Is this a trick
question? Should I say sporks?
Zombies: Attack!
Wine: Glass. As in mine.
Filled. Now.
Dandruff: Itch.
 Great, now I have phantom
dandruff itch. Thanks, CDO.
Smurfs: Boys
Miley Cyrus: Yucky
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, how much do you love my blog?
12 1/2
Ten, of course! How much
do you love mine???
Any final words?
You’re giving me a chance to speak?  Obviously, you have no idea what you’ve unleashed!

Usually, the answer to this
is no, but this time, the
 answer is yes! I do have
some final words. Today, a
colleague popped into my
office, and told me to turn
on a station, because they
were showcasing a band
called Kurt Vile and the
 Violators. Which both of
us decided was the most
awesome band name
we’ve heard in a long time.
Then I went and listened to them.
And they’re awesome. They are
going to be my new favorite
thing, I bet.

Also—I have the greatest
co-workers, ever!
Check out these ladies' blogs now.  Read, comment, follow.... you won't regret it!!

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