Blogger "Face Off" Round 6

I can hardly believe that just a couple short weeks ago I was BEGGING for participants in my silly little blogger "face off" series.  Here we are, already at round 6, with two new featured bloggers.  One of them, Nicole, is really new to the blogging world, while the other, Lisa, has been here for a few years!  Read their answers, check out their blogs, become followers... you know the drill.  Enjoy!
PS, there's only two more rounds left, so savor every moment.

And when we're all done by the end of this week, and all my volunteer bloggers have been featured....we're gonna celebrate with an awesome giveaway!  Stay tuned!

Today's bloggers are:

Nicole at The Confirmed Ache (and Notably Nicole) 

VS. Lisa at Mommy Dearest Strikes Again

Blogger A
Blogger B

Nicole at The Confirmed Ache and Notably Nicole

Strikes Again
Name? (real or assumed)
Mommie Dearest aka 
How did you come up with your blog’s name?
Brainstormed with my mom
The name came about 
because no matter how 
hard I try to be patient, 
occasionally my kids drive
me to the breaking point…
and that is when my inner
“mommie dearest” makes an appearance.
How long have you been blogging?
About 3 mos.
2 ½ years (since September 
of 2008)
Link to your very first post:
Do you have a motto?  If so, what is it?
I may be slow, but I get there.
Raising children is like 
being pecked to death by 
Team Edward or Jacob?

Team Johnny Depp!

Corey Haim or Cory Feldman?
Haim. But isn’t he dead?
How much do you love Captain Crunch?
I hate it.
When I was pregnant with 
my son, I ate boxes of it. 
Straight from the box.
Would you rather compete in a hot dog eating contest or a pie eating contest?
Vegan pie
Favorite swear word:
How do you like your eggs?
I don’t eat them.
Who would you rather see do naked jumping jacks:  Jack Nicholson or Aretha Franklin?
What’s more evil: Possums or Satan?

This is a really, really 
strange question.
Should jelly shoes make a real comeback?
Yes. Love them!
Definitely not
In your opinion, what is our most pressing concern as a society today?
Well, since we’re trying to 
sell our house and not having
much luck – I’d have to say straightening out the housing 
If avoiding laundry was a sport, how would you place: gold, silver, or bronze?
I love laundry, so bronze.
Definitely gold!
If you were royalty, what would your official title be?
Lady Nicole
Her royal highness, Queen
of everything. I’ve tried to
get my kids to refer to me 
this way, but they keep balking.
Please write the first word(s) that comes to your mind for each of these:
Erectile dysfunction
Taco Bell
Miley Cyrus
Sporks- Taco Bell
Erectile dysfunction-
 Dick Cheney
Taco Bell -Hot Sauce
Zombies –
Night of the living dead
Wine - Merlot
Dandruff -Flakes
Smurfs -Azriel
Miley Cyrus- Billy Ray
Sporks-school lunches
Erectile dysfunction -
Bob Dole
TacoBell -Chihuahua
Zombies -
Night of the Living Dead
Wine -Cotes du Rhone
Dandruff -Head & Shoulders
Smurfs -Blue
Miley Cyrus-Yuck
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, how much do you love my blog?
10 plus!
Any final words?

Nope. Oh, well, yeah…
these were some very strange questions!

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